Downtown Disney is now officially Disney Springs

Disney World is the happiest place on earth, No One else can say that. People come from all over the world to visit Disney World, even People from Los Angeles visit Disney World because they know it is much better than Disneyland. I personally love Disney, all of it but like many visitors I am very frustrated with the construction at the now called “Disney Springs”. When it is complete, it will be the most impressive Dining, shopping and entertainment venue in America but until then, it is not worth visiting. It is absolute chaos, there is no other way to describe it.

Orlando City hands New York Bulls worst loss of the season

Orlando City needed a win badly to stay in contention for the playoffs. They got the win and then some. The loss was the worst of the season for the New York City Bulls.

Jeff Ashton did something stupid but not illegal

casey anthony in court
If not for Casey Anthony, We might never have heard of Jeff Ashton
Jeff Ashton, the state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties in Florida who is better known as the Casey Anthony prosecutor, admitted that he was one of millions who signed up for the cheating site, Ashley Madison. He admitted that He used the site during His work day on His personal laptop. So What? People are mad that He did the dirty deed on Government time, REALLY? To all those smokers that get smoke breaks, REALLY? To all those that take bathroom breaks every 20 minutes, REALLY? How about fantasy football players? Online shopping, planning a wedding, vacation, house shopping and many more time wasting task during work. Everyone does it, Yes, EVERYONE. So take out the fact that He did this deed during work, what did He really do? Nothing! What was done was harm to His wife and family, not really our business, He needs to deal with that issue in His own way.

We never believe People that get caught when they say “I didn’t inhale” “I did not have sex with that Woman”, “Read my lips, no new taxes” but this time when Mr Ashton says that He never met Anyone on the cheating site, We can believe Him. Turns out, according to Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel, the site was mostly fake. All guys and no Girls, No One to hook up with, if there were any, they were Escorts.

This weekend all over Orlando Events

  • WWE Amway Center, 7:30 Saturday, August 29 Get Tickets
  • Orlando City vs Chicago Soccer at the Citrus Bowl, 7:30, Saturday, August 29 Get Tickets
  • Want to make a fun night of it? Going to have some drinks? DO NOT even think of driving yourself if You are going to have some drinks. Ride share all over Orlando is dirt cheap, cheaper than You can drive Yourself so You would be stupid to even consider it if You are going to drink.

    Get Your first ride free.

    Drug testing all over Orlando

    Right now drug testing all over Orlando is mostly in private schools where it does not require parental consent. At public schools where testing is headed, it is getting a lot of welcome and a lot of push back. The ones leading the push back are the stoners and liberals that say the drug testing is an invasion of privacy. When I first heard of the drug testing, I thought it was a little bit of a an invasion of privacy, after all, peeing in front of a stranger or having someone stick a needle in My arm is not something I would agree too either. But testing has come a long long way and now the testing only involves taking one small strand of hair from the head of the student. Someone would be hard pressed to consider this an invasion of privacy unless they mean using drugs is My private business, not the schools.

    The parents that do not want one hair removed from their Children’s head is the parents that might leave their own drugs around the house and are scared that when their Child gets busted the police are coming to lock them up because the Child is going to say Where they got the drugs.

    The peer pressure of using drugs is much bigger than any parent knows and drug testing can totally wipe that peer pressure out. Now all a kid has to say is, “No way dude, My school is on the drug testing program, sure wish I could do these drugs but I will definitely get busted”, case closed, no further discussion. Even as adults, peer pressure makes adults partake in drug use. Many full grown Men and Women go to a party and have some drinks and suddenly they have a rolled up dollar up their nose snorting Coke off the dining room table. Next thing You know one wife is having sex with Her friend’s Husband. The next day all are feeling terrible about themselves and want to never see those People again. Sometimes it happens over and over but usually it is a rare thing. If adults cannot say no, how do We expect a 13 year old to say no?

    There are many Parents that use pot on a daily basis and many of those parents either let their school age Children also do it or those same Children steal it. By stealing it, I mean, the parent knows it is missing and knows the Child stole it but wants to act like they do not. These are the parents that do not want their Children to be tested, even if it shows they are doing heroin, they want to protect their marijuana habit. It would probably be a good idea for this the drug testing not to expose marijuana use, that way We could get many more parents on board with searching for hard drug use. After all, Marijuana will be legal in a mater of years all over the world so fighting it is stupid.

    Chris Rock and Michael Strahan with family visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Because celebrities take vacation too, You might see some when You visit Disney’s theme parks near Orlando. Such was the case when Chris Rock and Michael Strahan with families visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Michael is a frequent visitor for work when He co-host “Live! with Kelly and Michael”. You never know if celebrities are sincere when they say they like something but Michael proved He is a Disney lover when He joined Chris Rock and family for a Disney Vacay!

    Best Steak all over Orlando

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    Del Frisco's International Drive Orlando
    Del Frisco’s is now open on International Drive

    Del Frisco’s
    9150 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
    (407) 351-5074

    You can make a reservation on the company website

    The best steak all over Orlando can be found on International drive at Del Frisco’s. The franchised Steak chain was in Orlando for many years on Lee Road but that location dropped the franchise and went with their own brand. It left Orlando without a Del Frisco’s for many years but it all worked out even better because now they have the best location all over Orlando. The restaurant is located across the street from Pointe Orlando on world famous International Drive. Del Frisco is routinely voted best steak in most Cities where they have locations. This restaurant has the best steaks in the world but You will have to pay a pretty good bit for it. If You have an unlimited dining budget this is the best choice for Steaks anywhere or maybe You want to have a very important dining celebration, this is Your place. Whoever You dine with will remember this steak forever.

    Muslims get their own praying room before U.S. Military gets a USO at Orlando International Airport

    The Military was expecting a USO at the Orlando International Airport but the Airport said they have no money for that. But they do have 250,000 to spend on a “reflection room”. What the f*ck is a reflection room? It is a room with a couple couches, some rugs and some bamboo that cost 250,000 dollars. Sounds like some brother in law bids on that project.

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    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner stand in line at Disney like common folks

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner stand in line at Disney like common folks is more surprising to Me than the fact that they are at Disney World together. They stood in very long lines just like We all have to do. Justin Bieber didn’t wait in line but Ben and Jen did. Makes Me kinda want to root for them to get back together. Each of them was wearing their rings, so maybe there is hope. The story in the Daily Mail made it seem like they looked miserable but who isn’t at Disney in August, it was near 110 heat index the day of their visit.

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