Richard Petty Driving Experience, Walt Disney World

Richard Petty Driving Experience E-tickets

Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World was one of the original driving experiences in America. You can imagine that it is safe since it takes place at the Walt Disney Speedway. You will be decked out in every piece of safety equipment that You see the NASCAR drivers use all the way down to the hans device that is now mandatory in NASCAR Racing.


Richard Petty Driving Experience E-tickets

So You probably want to know if the cars are real and if You can go as fast as You want and how much training is required before I can beat Jeff Gordon. Fist, yes, the cars are real NASCAR chassis and are very similar to the Nascar Nationwide Series cars. The horsepower is a little less than the nationwide cars have but No One has every used up all the horsepower at this experience, so don’t worry about not having enough. The training is brief, only about 45 minutes and it isn’t boring, it’s actually kinda interesting. Once You have gone through the training You will get fitted for a fire suit and helmet. A hans device is part of your safety equipment and it connects to Your shoulders, helmet and the top of the seat. You will get a true sense of how difficult it is to get into the race car with all the safety equipment on. You will also get a true appreciation of how hard it is to see out the back of the car or even to the side. After You finish this experience, You will watch NASCAR in a whole new way, because now You are an expert driver, a fellow driver to Jimmie,Tony and even Danica.