Using Uber all over Orlando

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Uber currently has two types of services in Orlando, Uber x and Uber xl.
X seats up to 4 People, XL seats up to 6.
Many People using Uber all over Orlando are tourist, most of them have Uber from their hometown. Plenty of the Uber users in Orlando are international tourist and that sometimes creates a problem for the pick up. These tourist typically do not have a data plan working in Orlando so they use the Hotel or business wifi to summons an Uber driver. That is fine but after they summons the driver there is no way to communicate with the driver because when the driver calls they do not get the call because they have no data. It is very important for those travelers to remember one thing about Uber: It’s not magic, it really does not know where You are when You set Your location. That location is determined by You and since You have no idea if it is correct, You do what most People do and just give it a try, then You wait for the driver to arrive. There is an option for You to put the name of Your pick up, so if You are not going to communicate with the driver be sure to put the name of the place You are located no matter if the address is correct or not. Type in “Holiday Inn” or “Animal Kingdom” and let the app do the rest. If the address is wrong like it is 80 percent of the time, the driver will still easily find You because they will ignore the address and drive to the description of the location instead.

Get Your first Uber ride free



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