People mover, one of the best rides in Magic Kingdom

So You are thinking, I have never heard of this attraction or I have heard of it why are they calling it one of the best rides?
The reason this is one of the best attractions in the Magic Kingdom is that there is NEVER a line. If You see a line, it will quickly disappear, the only way there is a line is if someone is having trouble boarding, as soon as they board the ride will be back on track.

The People mover is located in Tomorrowland, close to Space Mountain. What is so good about it is it will provide a break on a hot day and give You a place to sit and enjoy the view for a few minutes.

This attraction has no restrictions, so it is perfect for the whole family.

RV Pad #334 at Outdoor Resorts at Orlando

Rent this RV Pad on AirBnb

For Rent, Daily 50.00, Weekly and monthly discounts.
This Rv Pad, the Camping site is the best available site in this beautiful park. It is adjacent to the tennis court and backs up to a fresh water canal. The Swimming pool and Clubhouse are just on the other side of the tennis court. From the Pool You can enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Davenport.

There is a beautiful 9 hole par three golf course that is included in your rental. Bring Your chipping wedge and Your putter.


lot334-6 (1)

Picture from the lot looking toward the Tennis Courts.
Picture from the lot looking toward the Tennis Courts.
This lot is located on a Fresh Water Canal that leads to Lake Davenport.
This lot is located on a Fresh Water Canal that leads to Lake Davenport.
Showing the entire concrete pad, looking toward the tennis courts.
Showing the entire concrete pad, looking toward the tennis courts.
Beautiful fresh water canal, drop Your line from Your lounge chair.
Beautiful fresh water canal, drop Your line from Your lounge chair.
looking toward the Clubhouse, notice the beautiful Palm Trees.
looking toward the Clubhouse, notice the beautiful Palm Trees.

Get Laid in Orlando

First, it is important to mention that prostitution is illegal in the Orlando area like most of the United States, however, Escorts are not illegal. Escorts are paid to spend time with a Customer.

There are lots of places all over Orlando to get laid, the most obvious are bars and nightclubs but also pay attention to swimming pools and the theme parks. The most competition will be at the bars and nightclubs. You better have a lot of money if You are going to be successful late at night because drinks will be 4 times as much as they should be and You will need to buy a lot of them.
Best bets: Swimming pools and theme parks. If You can find a few girls on their own at a swimming pool, they are more likely to be receptive to Your game. Most girls want to see what You look like and You can see what they look like and No girl really wants to meet You when You are shit-faced drunk. You can buy some drinks at poolside and get way more credit than if You do the same in a bar. In a bar, You can lose Your spot with a girl just by going to the restroom.
In the theme parks You just have to strike up a conversation and if it is going to happen it will not cost You very much money, they are already in the park so the admission has already been paid for. All theme parks except the Magic Kingdom serve beer, wine, and mixed drinks so if You like to drink You can offer a girl a drink in the park.

Getting Laid all over Orlando can be easy if You use a service similar to Tinder. Such a service is like an adult dating service, one where both parties are interested in having sex and it is always consensual. It is NOT an Escort service.

If You decide to call an Escort service, You need to do a little homework before You decide on one. There are so many different Escort services all over Orlando and they are not all alike.. There are a lot of very bad areas all over Orlando and You definitely do not want to end up at any of them. Escorts all over Orlando will come to Your hotel room, that’s what they do. Any that tell You to come to them, do not do it. If You have pictures to choose from, keep the picture ready to compare with the Girl that shows up. If it isn’t a match it might be a set up for a robbery or something equally as bad.
Never use Craig’s list or backpage to find a hookup, it is a very dangerous situation.
Never ask a taxi driver to take You to some place to get laid, they will do so and they will get a commission (most likely) from the place they take You. They might take You to one of the strip joints and tell You that You can get laid there, this is total bullshit. You can spend over a thousand dollars at Rachael’s (strip joint) and have nothing to show for it, except those vip lap dances that She also gave to 20 others while She told You she was going to meet You after work. Recently 10 Women were arrested at Rachel’s in a police sting when they performed lap dances and came in contact with the officers. It is against the law for the dancer to touch the Customer in any way, so what is the point of a “lap dance”? Just remember that taxi drivers in every City run scams all the time, never ask them where to go, You need to know where You are going before You call a taxi and then YOU tell Him where to take You. They are always looking for extra money and they get big bucks to take You to places like Strip Joints, Message Parlors and even liquor stores.

And even worse, a driver might take You to known prostitution hangouts like on Orange Blossom Trail, those places are frequently on the news for gunshots and arrest.

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A Great place to get laid is late night at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney), Girls that visit there are most likely from out of Town and those are easiest to pick up. Most have a boyfriend that is back home and when Girls go on a Girls trip, They do the same thing that Boys do on a Boys trip, They have sex and lots ot it.

Ride Central Florida’s newest coasters at a special price

Now Open! Mako and Cobra’s Curse in Florida

SeaWorld Orlando – Mako

Inspired by one of the ocean’s fastest shark species, Make will be Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest coaster. Mako is a hypercoaster, which means it’s all about speed, tight turns and that feeling of weightless riders get at the top of each hill. The new ride will tower 200 feet high, reach speeds of 73 mph and feature a track that’s nearly a mile long.

Best Ticket to Experience Mako: SeaWorld Orlando Single Dat Ticket, only $79

SeaWorld Orlando Choose Your Adventure

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay – Cobra’s Curse

Busch Gardens® Tampa puts a spin on family thrills with a brand new family thrill ride – Cobra’s Curse. The spin coaster will be the only one of it’s kind in the world, featuring a menacing 30,000 – pound snake king icon and a 70-foot vertical lift that will take riders within inches of its 4-foot-long fangs. The three-and-a-half-minute ride will then spin forward, backward and then freely, taking riders on a whirlwind of exciting explorations.

Best Ticket to Experience Cobra’s Curse: Busch Gardens Tampa Single Day Ticket, only $89

Busch Gardens Tampa Choose Your Adventure

Experience both new roller coasters with a 2-park ticket, only $99
SeaWorld Orlando Choose Your Adventure

SeaWorld Orlando Choose Your Adventure

#OrlandoStrong, #OrlandoLove, updates on Terror in Orlando Pulse nightclub

This act of Islamic terrorism was witness throughout the world. What the world saw as a very strong resolve in Orlando, FL. The Pulse nightclub is self described as a Gay Club but on the night of the shooting there were said to be many Hetrosexuals. The club was putting on a Latino night which brought a wide range of People to enjoy dancing and drinking. The swat team used a 250,000 dollar bearcat vehicle to ram holes in the concrete block walls to free many patrons and to kill the shooter.
The shooter’s ex wife knew of Him scouting sites to carry out His terror but said nothing, She should do prison time.
The shooter was said to be hunting down Men on gay dating apps to either kill or have sex with. Some have said that He did not want to admit His gay feelings and He was mad with Himself for being attracted to Men. He had frequented the Pulse nightclub prior to His final visit there.

Is Disney, Universal and SeaWorld safe? Yes, all three have put in measures to prevent this type of thing happening there. Each has metal detectors. I will not hesitate to visit these parks myself without any fear. These major theme parks are considered “hard targets”, terrorist would rather attack targets that are much smaller and lacking security. You can bet that all attractions all over Orlando will have the most security they have ever had.

Disney Security Statement
“Unfortunately We’ve been living in a world of uncertainty, and we have been increasing our security measures across our properties for some time, adding such visible safeguards as magnetometers, additional canine units, and law enforcement officers on site, as well as less visible systems that employ state-of-the-art security technologies.”

President Obama not interested in Orlando
As of Tuesday Morning President Obama had not even called the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott. The Governor is a Republican but normally a sitting, even lame duck President immediately contacts the Governor of any state that has experienced a disaster. The President finally decided to travel to Orlando, He is scheduled to arrive five days after the shooting. Many Orlando residents would rather He not bother, He isn’t needed here.

pictures of shooting victims in orlando

Book your hotel in Orlando with and enjoy your vacation

Book your hotel in Orlando with and enjoy your vacation

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Florida Gators take beating in Orlando’s Citrus Bowl, 41-7

Florida was beat down by Michigan Jan 1, 2016 in Orlando Citrus Bowl
Florida was beat down by Michigan Jan 1, 2016 in Orlando Citrus Bowl

The Florida Gators were never in the game, much like the two games prior. Michigan came to Orlando to play football, not to party or even have fun. But You can bet that the Michigan Players were allowed to finally have fun after the beat down they gave to the Gators on Jan 1, 2016 in the beautiful Citrus Bowl in Orlando. The only good news for the Gators was the fact that they only had to drive less than 2 hours to get to Orlando which saves the school in excess of one million dollars. The season ended with three straight losses. Prior to the Michigan beating, Florida State beat the Gators in the Swamp where the only gator score was actually a gift from FSU on a self imposed safety then Alabama beat them in a much closer game in the SEC championship.

The following day, the Orlando Sentinel wrote this:
Brace yourself, Jim McElwain.

Your tenure as the University of Florida’s football coach may have officially started a little more than a year ago, but unofficially it began after Friday’s 41-7 methodical dismantling at the hands of Michigan in the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl was a huge success for the City of Orlando, not only was it a sell out, it brought great fans that spent lots of money on International Drive and Downtown Orlando.
It was the third bowl of the bowl season for Orlando, the only City with more than two.

Peta Protester arrested at Orlando International Airport

A douchebag dressed as a whale or was it a whale dressed as a douchebag? Something was arrested at Orlando International Airport that represents Peta. The thing was sitting on the baggage claim conveyor belt when airport officers captured it.
Why is Peta constantly harassing Seaworld instead of the Rodeo?