CoCo Key Water Park, International Drive, Orlando

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water park international drive orlando coco key
Coco Key Water Park is a small water park located on International Drive just south of the big water park Wet N Wild. The CoCo Key water park is part of the CoCo Key Resort, If You stay there You can get free passes to the water park but the water park is also open for daily passes for People that do not stay at the resort.

There are also passes that combine the water park and a meal voucher. Coco Key Water Park Discounted Combo Passes!

CoCo Key might be small in size compared to the big name water parks but it is large in fun. It has all the slides that are needed for any kid to have a blast. The best part is that most of the time there is very little wait even in the mid summer busy months.
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This Water Park is unique in the fact that just off the indoor portion of the park there is a full size arcade, Pizza Hut, snack bar and a full service Bar. Yes, You can sip on a cocktail while Your kids are playing just feet away. The good thing about the indoor park is it stays nice and cool in the hot summer months and You can stay sunburn free. The very small children can play all day in the indoor park and never get bored, the park that is outside has the taller more advanced slides and is suitable for the tweens, teens and adventurous parents.

TYPHOON LAGOON Disney World Florida water park wave pool

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney World, Florida

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney World, Florida is located just across from Downtown Disney and the Disney transportation system makes stops for all the Disney Resorts every 15 minutes or so. That might be why this water park has more visitors than any other in the world but it is a big park and can handle a big crowd. The Water park is especially convenient to the Downtown Disney Hotels, You can be at the gate in just minutes.

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Best deals on Typhoon Lagoon tickets

The first thing you might notice is the pathways are wider than most water parks so getting around is easier also notice how wide the lazy river is, You can easily pass People that are floating 5 wide, most water parks are half the width of this lazy river.

blizzard beach at disney world water parks racing slides finish line

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney World, Florida

Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park in Disney World has a snow ski resort theme, You might have already guessed that. The theme is even carried on as far as to use a chair lift for the tallest ride. You ride the lift just like You were on skis but You just step off at the top and walk away. The Water Park is open all year except for maintenance or bad weather. Bad weather is rarely for cold, more likely for thunderstorms.

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aquatica at seaworld orlando welcome sign

Aquatica Water Park, SeaWorld Orlando

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Aquatica Water Park is on south end of International Drive near it’s parent company, SeaWorld. This Water Park does not get as many visitors as Wet N Wild but that doesn’t mean much to a lot of People who actually prefer this water park to all others all over Orlando. You can make a case for any of them, sometimes it is how You are going to combine Your ticket or maybe where You are staying. Either way this is a great water park and it gets great reviews by all ages. It has all the levels of enjoyment for all ages, the steep slides, the easy curvy slides, the two and four man tubes, lazy river, wave pool and a great area for the younger not swimming yet guest.
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SeaWorld & Aquatica – Two great parks. One great deal.

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Olrando theme parks wet n wild water park

Wet N Wild Orlando, International Drive Water Park

Wet ‘N Wild Water Park – Unlimited Visits for 14 Days for only $43 Adult & $37 Child!

Olrando theme parks wet n wild water park
Wet N Wild Orlando is located on International Drive and Universal Blvd, a short walk from Universal Orlando. The park is owned by Universal Orlando and is opened year round, weather permitting. Wet ‘N Wild Water Park – Save 30% on Unlimited Visits for 14 Days! This isn’t the only water park to choose from but it is the most popular and offers the best value.
You can also buy a Flex Ticket that includes other parks as well as Wet N Wild, Explore Orlando Theme Parks for One Low Price! this is a bargain if You were going to visit these parks anyway.
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Wet N Wild is truly an outing for the whole family. All You have to do is look at Who is walking from the parking lot and You will see that it is 90 percent families. Everyone in the family has a favorite ride or area of Wet N Wild. Blast Away Beach has been very popular for the younger one and especially those that might have older siblings, this is where they can shoot water at them and finally be on equal ground. There isn’t Anyone of any age that doesn’t find a challenge at Wet N Wild, if it is a straight down water slide that is so steep You have to get dropped out of a chamber or the wave pool that is more powerful than it looks. Just want to relax? There is a lazy river that People are known to fall asleep while in their tube.