People mover, one of the best rides in Magic Kingdom

So You are thinking, I have never heard of this attraction or I have heard of it why are they calling it one of the best rides?
The reason this is one of the best attractions in the Magic Kingdom is that there is NEVER a line. If You see a line, it will quickly disappear, the only way there is a line is if someone is having trouble boarding, as soon as they board the ride will be back on track.

The People mover is located in Tomorrowland, close to Space Mountain. What is so good about it is it will provide a break on a hot day and give You a place to sit and enjoy the view for a few minutes.

This attraction has no restrictions, so it is perfect for the whole family.

Pirates Cove Mini Golf best on International Drive

8501 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
407 352 7378

This one is the best mostly because of location but also because of the quality. With Multiple water falls You can feel cooler than You really are even on those muggy summer days. It has a great Pirates theme and the course is kept in near perfect condition year round.

The course is right across the street from the Orlando Eye. Pirates Cove has plenty of parking but if You go on an extremely crowded night You might need to park at the parking garage at the idrive 360 and take the short walk over to the course. You can make a day of it by adding the attractions at idrive 360 including diner and drinks.


i drive 360, The Orlando Eye

Orlando Eye Shown from International Drive

So what is the name of this place anyway? It went by different names while it was under construction. Now most People call it the Orlando Eye but that kinda leaves out the entire entertainment complex that the Eye sits on. It was also referred to as Orlando 360 and i drive live for a short period of time, officially it is i drive 360. What it consist of is the Orlando Eye as the center piece and a Sea Life Aquarium and a wax museum, Madame Tussauds. According to the i drive 360 website the attraction includes the shops that run all the way to Sand Lake drive including Walgreens but the shopping center that has Charlies Steakhouse and Kings Bowling is not officially part of i drive 360. You can buy tickets for the Orlando Eye, SeaLife aquarium and Madame Tussauds directly from their website at a discount. The rest of the complex includes fine and casual dining, drinking and dancing. The i drive 360 is surrounded by thousands of hotel rooms making it the perfect location for this type of entertainment. For those not in walking distance there is FREE parking in an onsite parking garage just steps from the EYE.

Madame Tussauds Wax figures:

[soliloquy slug=”madame-tussauds-at-i-drive-360″]

[soliloquy id=”3780″]

You can get an idea of how slow the Orlando Eye goes in the video below. This is the constant speed that the Orlando Eye operates and it continues to go this speed even when People are boarding, this is because the boarding platform is also moving to allow easy boarding for most People. The Eye will stop on occasion for riders that are in need of special assistance but even then it is only stopped for seconds.


Expect Rain during the summer all over Orlando

It rains daily all over Orlando, just be prepared for it. It is usually a 30 minute cool down period and then the sun comes back out.

If You prepare for it then it is a welcome cool down and actually can be fun. The thunder and lightning can be scary and most visitors have never seen anything like it. You can bet that You will have more to talk about when You return home than just roller coasters.

If You are in the theme parks and You see that the clouds are getting dark, it is a good time to eat or sit and have a drink INSIDE. Once the rain starts Everyone will be running to get a seat inside a restaurant. It is a good time to take a rest, You cannot go all day without a rest anyway so why not duck into a shop or restaurant to get out of the rain?

If You prepare for rain You will enjoy it:
Buy a poncho before You arrive at the theme park, it will obviously be much much cheaper at walmart (92 cents) than it will be in a theme park gift shop (7.50). If You are pushing a Child in a baby stroller be sure to have a way to cover the Child but with plenty of ventilation. Plastic does not allow Your Child to breath so if You use it, make sure some part remains open to allow plenty of air.

If it is almost time for You to leave he park, do so the second You see the dark clouds, if You wait until the rain starts You will be stuck in long lines for buses, monorails or water taxi’s. Don’t panic it is always better to relax and wait out the rain if You lose the race to get out of the park. Each park has great places to wait out the rain, start planing Your escape BEFORE the rain starts so You can get that great seat inside a restaurant or bar before Everyone else.

Raptor Encounter a hit in Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando

The Raptor Encounter attraction opened in May 2015 but just started getting more attention in late June after The debut of of “Jurassic World,” the latest in the film franchise.

The setting is very realistic looking with Dinosaurs standing nearly 9 feet tall and fenced in nearly 15 foot fencing with warning signs posted “Danger, 10,000 volts”. The sounds that these Dinosaurs make are what You remember from the Original Jurassic Park Movie.

The attraction is more of a walk through picture taking experience. The attraction’s staff have been moving the line fast enough that the wait is minimal. You can take a look at the animals from the exit as visitor get their pictures.

Crayola Experience to open at Florida Mall, July 1, 2015

Have You been wondering about the brightly colored building at the end of Florida Mall? Well, You can finally see that it is the Crayola Experience and it opens July 1, 2015. The Experience is kinda like Disney Quest but for Crayons. Learn everything there is to know about crayons, how they are made, how they work and how You can make art.

read more at the Crayola experience website

Opening at Florida Mall, July 1, 2015
Opening at Florida Mall, July 1, 2015
crayola experience florida mall july 1
learn everything about crayons

Wet N Wild Closing at the end of 2016, DUH!

Universal owned wet n wild will close in 2015

This comes as no surprise to at least this website but many People were surprised including the local news team at WESH TV. It has always been known that Universal owns Wet N Wild and it has been known that Universal is in the process of building Volcano Bay on Universal Orlando property. It is also known about when the new water park would open and guess what? It is going to be the same time that they close Wet N Wild, DUH. C’mon, WESH tv, think about it! So its just another news story that wasn’t a story at all. Local News has their blinders on once again. A better story and hot scoop would be Who will purchase the property at the Wet N Wild spot and what will they do with it? It would be a much better spot for the Sky Coaster. It would be smart for Universal Orlando to put a clause on the sale of the property that would exclude a water park. I am sure that will be the case, they would not want to compete with the new Volcano Bay just up the street.