Bass Pro Shops and Outdoor World, International Drive, Orlando

Address: 5156 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone:(407) 563-5200

Is Bass Pro Shops a shopping complex or is it an entertainment center? Well, it’s kinda both, many People go and browse for hours and buy nothing, some pick up 300 dollars worth of stuff for their fishing trip in a few minutes.
What does Bass Pro shops have? It would be almost easier to say that it doesn’t have. If it is something You do outdoors, they have it. Equipment for Fishing, Hunting, camping, boating and archery. And not just the equipment but the clothing too. The clothing is very high quality but reasonably priced.
Want to learn how to fish? Demonstrations are given daily by professional fisherman. There is a pro shop for Archery where You can try out a bow before You buy it and even get some pointers on Your form. The pro shop for guns and ammunition is staffed by experts, the type of People that would do it for free, they love it so much.

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Bass Pro Shops is especially popular during December when they put out the Christmas decorations and set up the Santa Claus visitation area. During that time, You better get there early or be prepared to wait a long time.

Bass Pro shops is located at the north end of International Drive in the Festival Bay shopping Center, across from Orlando Premium Outlets.