Kilimanjaro Safaris®, Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Florida

Ride is good for all ages.
Ride has no height requirement.
Fastpass is available for this ride.

Kilimanjaro Safaris® is located in Animal Kingdom, Disney World and is the most popular ride in the theme park for good reason. It is not only fun and interesting it is the only place in Animal Kingdom that You are guaranteed to see lots of animals. If You are like Me, You have been frustrated in Animal Kingdom, especially in the very hot summer time because You don’t get to see many animals. Animal Kingdom is never the same twice, that is because these animals have there own life, just like We do and some days they just do not want to be seen so they hide. Either they are in the shade and You cannot find them or they are in the water or a cave, its always something! I used to wonder why the line was so long for Kilimanjaro Safaris® and it took many visits before I finally got a fast pass to ride it. Now I know that if You really want to see animals you have to ride this ride. The Animals are treated like royalty but they are fenced in such a way that they are almost always visible to the trucks that transport You through the wilderness.

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