Beth Kassab totally misses the point of Mike Bianchi’s article on Jameis Winston

beth kassabe missed poitnt about winstonA week ago Mike Bianchi wrote an article about keeping the identity of the accused in a sexual assault case private. The article phrased the fact that the victim’s identity is always kept private but He suggested that the accused should also have that same right.
Here is an excerpt from the Mike Bianchi article:
Sadly, even though no charges were ever filed, there will always be questions about Winston and what happened that night in an off-campus apartment in Tallahassee. But why? Why do we even know there was an accusation of sexual assault? When no charges are filed and no arrests are made, why is a mere accusation of such a serious, reputation-staining crime public knowledge?

We all understand why the names of sexual-assault victims are not released and made public knowledge. That’s a no-brainer. Rape victims should be protected from the stigma of such a vile crime.

Beth Kassab totally missed the point of the article when she totally disagreed with His opinion. She wrote in Her article about the mistakes that were made in the Winston case and how People wrote terrible things about the alleged victim even though Her identity was not suppose to be leaked.

The point Bianchi was making was that both the accused and accuser should remain private until charges are filed. He did not say that the case was handled correctly and did not pronounce that Winston was innocent, He was only saying that until charges are filed no report should have made it to the media at all. I would go one step further and say that no report should be made until Someone is convicted of a crime. Why does the media publish DUI arrest? They are just arrest, what about that small percentage of People that are truly innocent? Why are there such things as public records? To sell newspapers? What right does Someone have to spread dirt on Someone before they are convicted of any crime? The public records law is for selling newspapers, it hurts a lot of innocent People and does very little to deter guilty People.