Daytona Coca Cola 400 ends in Carnage as Dale Junior wins

Dale Earnhardt Junior might have had His most dominate win of His career but You would have never known it watching Him in Victory Lane. He was visibly shaken because He could see all the carnage in His rear view mirror as He crossed the finish line. Austin Dillion’s car went upside down and into the catch fence. Three spectators were being attended to with minor injuries but all drivers were able to walk away with only jitters. Most drivers were still in shock as they were interviewed after the race. Junior’s car never touched another car all race and is the same car He won with early in the year at Talladega.

The video below is the actual end of the race where Dale Earnhardt Junior passed over the finish line. All Hell broke loose in His mirror at that exact second.

This slow motion video shows the 3 car of Austin Dillon in the flipping process

Another angle shows the 3 car of Austin Dillon slamming into the catch fence

The video below shows the 3 car of Austin Dillon in real time slamming into the catch fence

wreck described by Steve Latart

Jimmie Johnson reacts to the wreck