Dr Phillips YMCA major changes taking shape

A lot of work has been completed at the Dr Phillips YMCA and now the last six months of the project is underway. The front entrance will get a large restaurant and grand Spanish style walkway with tile roof.

Video below shows the two new racquetball courts. These are brand new to the Dr Phillips branch.

Video below shows the main exercise area, some of it is new but most is the section that already existed.
The addition to the YMCA allowed the machines to be spaced out a little more.

Video below shows the mostly new section of the YMCA. The big difference is the Orlando Health rehab center has it’s own area now behind closed door and reception area. The other desk is where the YMCA staff have work space to plan personal training.

Video below shows the swimming pool where there have been no changes made. The Pool is in very good shape and is still a modern facility.

Video below is of one of the new exercise class rooms, These People are practicing Tai Chi

Video below shows one of the two gyms, this one is divided off most of the day.