Drug testing all over Orlando

Right now drug testing all over Orlando is mostly in private schools where it does not require parental consent. At public schools where testing is headed, it is getting a lot of welcome and a lot of push back. The ones leading the push back are the stoners and liberals that say the drug testing is an invasion of privacy. When I first heard of the drug testing, I thought it was a little bit of a an invasion of privacy, after all, peeing in front of a stranger or having someone stick a needle in My arm is not something I would agree too either. But testing has come a long long way and now the testing only involves taking one small strand of hair from the head of the student. Someone would be hard pressed to consider this an invasion of privacy unless they mean using drugs is My private business, not the schools.

The parents that do not want one hair removed from their Children’s head is the parents that might leave their own drugs around the house and are scared that when their Child gets busted the police are coming to lock them up because the Child is going to say Where they got the drugs.

The peer pressure of using drugs is much bigger than any parent knows and drug testing can totally wipe that peer pressure out. Now all a kid has to say is, “No way dude, My school is on the drug testing program, sure wish I could do these drugs but I will definitely get busted”, case closed, no further discussion. Even as adults, peer pressure makes adults partake in drug use. Many full grown Men and Women go to a party and have some drinks and suddenly they have a rolled up dollar up their nose snorting Coke off the dining room table. Next thing You know one wife is having sex with Her friend’s Husband. The next day all are feeling terrible about themselves and want to never see those People again. Sometimes it happens over and over but usually it is a rare thing. If adults cannot say no, how do We expect a 13 year old to say no?

There are many Parents that use pot on a daily basis and many of those parents either let their school age Children also do it or those same Children steal it. By stealing it, I mean, the parent knows it is missing and knows the Child stole it but wants to act like they do not. These are the parents that do not want their Children to be tested, even if it shows they are doing heroin, they want to protect their marijuana habit. It would probably be a good idea for this the drug testing not to expose marijuana use, that way We could get many more parents on board with searching for hard drug use. After all, Marijuana will be legal in a mater of years all over the world so fighting it is stupid.