Eat Poop, Dung and Animal feces at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It sounds too good to be true but You can eat SHIT POOP, dung and animal feces at Zuri’s Sweet Shop in animal Kingdom. Of course Disney would not serve real poop, these look a like pieces of poop are just in fun and are actually brownie like treats. The treats have gone over very well and more than likely their success is due to the notoriety from social media. It is now a must do Disney challenge.

Update, Disney has pulled this product off the shelves, no more poo for You! I guess somewhere, somehow some small group of People were offended by this and that was all it took for Disney to Cave to pressure.

Eat shit in animal kingdom
Upper left is Hippo Poop,
Upper right is Tamarin Feces,
Lower Left is Giraffe Poop,
Lower right is Elephant Dung