Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World, Florida

Discount tickets for the Exotic Driving Experience

You do not get many chances to drive cars that cost more than most homes, unless You are Justin Bieber. These are cars You see in Miami on South Beach but rarely can You get close enough to touch them, much less drive them. Exotics Driving Experience is located at Walt Disney near the Polynesian Resort, its very easy to find. After you pick up your discount tickets just head over to the walt Disney World Speedway and get ready for a drive of a lifetime. The cars drive like a dream so do not take what You learn here back to the Orlando streets in Your car. You will get to drive six laps that include right and left turns in one of these cars: Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and Nissan GT-R. A professional will ride with You but do not worry, the professional is there to make You feel safer and make sure You know how the cars work, They are not there to ruin Your fun. In fact most of the time the professional driver has had to encourage guest to speed up not slow down. The professional will give You tips on how to speed up on each lap. There will be a 40 minute training session prior to getting behind the wheel but it’s not boring, its actually very interesting.
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