Jeff Ashton did something stupid but not illegal

casey anthony in court
If not for Casey Anthony, We might never have heard of Jeff Ashton
Jeff Ashton, the state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties in Florida who is better known as the Casey Anthony prosecutor, admitted that he was one of millions who signed up for the cheating site, Ashley Madison. He admitted that He used the site during His work day on His personal laptop. So What? People are mad that He did the dirty deed on Government time, REALLY? To all those smokers that get smoke breaks, REALLY? To all those that take bathroom breaks every 20 minutes, REALLY? How about fantasy football players? Online shopping, planning a wedding, vacation, house shopping and many more time wasting task during work. Everyone does it, Yes, EVERYONE. So take out the fact that He did this deed during work, what did He really do? Nothing! What was done was harm to His wife and family, not really our business, He needs to deal with that issue in His own way.

We never believe People that get caught when they say “I didn’t inhale” “I did not have sex with that Woman”, “Read my lips, no new taxes” but this time when Mr Ashton says that He never met Anyone on the cheating site, We can believe Him. Turns out, according to Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel, the site was mostly fake. All guys and no Girls, No One to hook up with, if there were any, they were Escorts.