Latest meeting on ride sharing in Orlando mostly bullshit

Your elected officials were not really interested in protecting the wishes of the vast majority of Orlando. Especially downtown Orlando residents who enjoy much cheaper rides from Uber and Lyft than they can get from a taxi. If fact most downtown residents cannot get service from traditional cabs at any price. When trying to return home from a bar or night club many taxi drivers refuse their business because the drop off location is not to their liking. Uber and Lyft pick up without question about the destination, in fact they do not even know the destination when agreeing to give that person a ride.

The most moronic statement from elected officials at the meeting was that Uber and Lyft would have to be 25 percent higher than the taxi’s. The elected officials know very well that the major attraction to the ride sharing is the price and if Uber and Lyft charged that much higher they would no longer be attractive to the rider.

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