Orlando is one of the top areas for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies

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Girls and Men can meet without the need to deal with the bar scene
Orlando is number one in so many categories, some are flattering and some not so much. Some of the crime categories, like Identity thief are not flattering. Being the most visited Metro area in the United States is very flattering.
But now there was a study done showing that Orlando is one of the top areas for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies and I am not talking about the candy, I am talking about hot girls and rich Men. This is not an Escort situation, far from it, its the modern high tech version of internet dating. Let’s face it, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time but now it is on the internet and is easier than ever for a young babe to meet a rich Man and get Her bills paid. Many cases it is just a Generous Man that likes the company of a hot babe, maybe a student or maybe an actress.
The Reason that the Orlando area is the top area for this is the University of Central Florida or as locals call it, UCF is the second largest college in the United States. The other reason is the three major theme parks employee many aspiring actresses, waitresses and general entry level attractions workers. Most of these girls are struggling to make ends meet while They wait for their big break. This system helps them with everyday expenses while they wait.
The company offers Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies to Join free. Sometimes it is as innocent as a girl getting a good steak dinner once in a while from a nice, rich Man, sometimes it develops into something more. More often than not it is an older Man but the study said that in some cases it is a young Man that lacks the time and skills to date.