Uber and City of Orlando to hold public meeting September 8, 2014

A public hearing will be held at 10am at City Hall between Uber, Lyft and The City of Orlando. The issues include minimum fare structures and minimum wait times. In other words, The City being obviously on the side of the Taxi lobby wants Uber to be priced much higher so No One will have reason to use them.

As it is now a Person can decide that they do not want to drink and drive and push a button an have Uber or Lyft at their door in minutes. That same Person can take the service a few blocks or many miles and only get charged for actual miles which could be as low as 4 dollars. While possibly saving the lives of innocent People, the same Person returns home at any hour of the night safe and sound. The City wants to make the minimum fare 15 dollars which many People cannot afford and will choose to drive their own car and put innocent People at risk while driving drunk.

People would like to make the right decision about drinking and driving but if the cost is too high there is nothing You can do to convince them they should still take a taxi. Uber and Lyft have been picking People up in the downtown area for a couple months and most of them are for the sole purpose of being able to avoid drinking and driving. There is no way to say how many lives have been saved in those two months but even if it is just one minor injury, it was worth it.

The City of Orlando is only interested in the financial impact it will have on the taxi industry and themselves. There is no concern with the public safety.