Bridgette Purtie fires back at Blackfish Producers

blackfish blowback
Bridgette Purtie is a former trainer at SeaWorld

Bridgette Pirtle, a former SeaWorld trainer and a heavy part of the blackfish documentary has said that The movie isn’t accurate. Purtie said that the Movie was a total 180 from what She was told was going to be presented. Bridgette said her involvement in the Movie was for the sole purpose of making sure the story of Her close friend Dawn Brancheau was presented truthfully. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Bridgette gave an interview to a Disney themed website recently. Why She gave an interview to a website that would not get near the publicity that a newspaper would, is unknown.
In the Blackfish Movie, Tilikum was an angry killer whale due to its captivity and when it had the chance to pull Dawn in the water and kill Her it did so.
While Pirtle wanted to make sure that No One thought Dawn Brancheau was to blame for her own death, She doesn’t agree with all aspects of the Blackfish movie.

The movie has caused a lot of problems for SeaWorld, Many Artist have cancelled concerts at SeaWorld due to the Blackfish Movie