Disney MyMagic+ VS Obamacare, almost mirror images

disney mymagic plus vs obamacare

Disney MyMagic+ VS Obamacare, are almost mirror images in many ways.

We hear more about Obamacare because it is something that affects all American’s. The one thing that Everyone things is what if a private Company was behind this system, would it work? People thing that if Amazon developed the program We could buy health insurance like We buy a television. But it’s not that simple, health insurance is not bought by model number and features. If Amazon could build a health care system, couldn’t an even bigger company do it? Someone like Disney? Compare a similar program that Disney is rolling out called MyMagic+ to Obamacare:

  • Disney Mymagic+ cost over one billion dollars to develop, Obamacare cost even more than one billion dollars to develop, neither is in working condition.
  • Disney MyMagic+ ‘on the right track,’ Disney World president says, Affordable Health Care, will work, just wait, says the President of The United States.
  • Obamacare is an invasion of privacy, Disney MyMagic+ is an invasion of privacy.
  • Fox News hates obamacare, Fox news hates everything Disney,ABC,ESPN.
  • ABC loves ObamaCare, ABC loves Everything Disney.
  • Users fear that information given to the Obamacare program will be stolen by hackers, Users fear that information given to Disney MyMagic+ will be stolen by hackers.
  • Disney MyMagic+ is backed by Disney Shareholders, mostly Democrats, Obamacare is backed by mostly democrats.
  • Disney World President, George Kalogridis, first Gay President , American President Obama, first minority President.
  • Majority of People asked didn’t want MyMagic+, Majority of People asked didn’t want Obamacare.