Christmas Day is a great time to visit theme parks all over Orlando

The busiest time of the year for theme parks all over Orlando is the Christmas Holidays. The holidays start about a week before Christmas and end a few days after New Years Day. But there is one day in that stretch that is the best day to visit theme parks all over Orlando. That day is Christmas Day itself. I am not sure why No one plans ahead and takes advantage of this. All the parks are open regular hours but they really should just close, they are near empty. Want to ride space mountain every 10 minutes instead of waiting in line the next day for 90 minutes? Go to Disney on Christmas Day. How about the new Transformers ride at Universal Studios? The day before and day after Christmas, 2 hour wait, Christmas Day, 5 minutes! Want to fit in every attraction at SeaWorld? It is only possible on Christmas Day.
For years I have told People to go to the parks early, they don’t do it, go late night, they don’t do it, but I am telling You to go on Christmas Day, knowing You wont do it and the parks will still be empty. Why? You like to spend Christmas with family? Why not do that Christmas Eve? Why not do it Christmas morning then head to the parks? The one day there is no hurry to get to the parks is Christmas Day. Yes, even afternoon is soon enough to take advantage of this amazing theme park day. You will notice many things You have never seen before because there are no People in Your way to block the details.

Christmas day is a great time to visit theme parks all over orlando
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