Expect Rain during the summer all over Orlando

It rains daily all over Orlando, just be prepared for it. It is usually a 30 minute cool down period and then the sun comes back out.

If You prepare for it then it is a welcome cool down and actually can be fun. The thunder and lightning can be scary and most visitors have never seen anything like it. You can bet that You will have more to talk about when You return home than just roller coasters.

If You are in the theme parks and You see that the clouds are getting dark, it is a good time to eat or sit and have a drink INSIDE. Once the rain starts Everyone will be running to get a seat inside a restaurant. It is a good time to take a rest, You cannot go all day without a rest anyway so why not duck into a shop or restaurant to get out of the rain?

If You prepare for rain You will enjoy it:
Buy a poncho before You arrive at the theme park, it will obviously be much much cheaper at walmart (92 cents) than it will be in a theme park gift shop (7.50). If You are pushing a Child in a baby stroller be sure to have a way to cover the Child but with plenty of ventilation. Plastic does not allow Your Child to breath so if You use it, make sure some part remains open to allow plenty of air.

If it is almost time for You to leave he park, do so the second You see the dark clouds, if You wait until the rain starts You will be stuck in long lines for buses, monorails or water taxi’s. Don’t panic it is always better to relax and wait out the rain if You lose the race to get out of the park. Each park has great places to wait out the rain, start planing Your escape BEFORE the rain starts so You can get that great seat inside a restaurant or bar before Everyone else.