Hotel Employee caught stealing from Guest rooms in Orlando

The Caribe Royale on World Drive near the end of International Drive had an employee who duplicated guest room keys and used them to steal valuables and cash. This is a upper scale resort and isn’t what You would picture when thinking of a situation like this. But this can happen anywhere and actually has happened all over Orlando through the last decade. Guest at this resort said they left valuables out in the open on the desk and on the beds because they felt secure at this up scale resort. The employee has a history of the same crime at another hotel but somehow still got the job at Caribe Royale.
It does not matter what hotel You stay in, just assume that more than You has a key and never leave money or valuables where they can easily be taken. Always use the safe or at least make it harder for the thief to find Your valuables.

items stolen from guest at caribe royale
Up scale Caribe Royale Resort