Is Skiles the new coach for the Magic, why doesn’t the Orlando Sentinel know?

From the Orlando Sentinel offices at 633 N Orange Ave it is 1.2 miles to the Amyway Center on Church Street, both in downtown Orlando, Fl. The Amway Center is the home of the Orlando Magic and that is where Rich DeVos, Owner of the team and Rob Hennigan, General Manager of the team have offices. Rob Hennigan is the Person that will most likely make the decision on when and who to hire for the vacant coaching position. So the question is why doesn’t the Orlando Sentinel give
George Diaz, Mike Bianchi, Brian Schmitz, Shannon J. Owens, Matt Murschel, Josh Robbins or others a 20 dollar allowance to take Rob Hennigan to lunch and get the story? The Orlando Sentinel being 1.2 miles away is reporting on information obtained from Yahoo Sports? Seriously? You would have to be some kind of Yahoo to work at that place. All these years George Diaz or Mike Bianchi have been at the Orlando Sentinel and they have no relationship with a NBA team 1.2 miles from their desk? We want to know who the coach is going to be and the only newspaper in Orlando doesn’t have any line of communication with the Orlando Magic 1.2 miles away?


Since this writing Scott Skiles has been confirmed as the new Head Coach of the Orlando Magic on May 29, 2015. John Denton wrote the article confirming Scott Skiles, 51, former Magic player as the head coach.