10,000 steps at Universal Orlando

Are You one of millions that are obsessed with the 10,000 daily steps program? Want to know how to do it at Universal Orlando?

  • From the parking garage to the entrance of either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios is approximately 1300 steps. This is from Cat in the Hat parking, there are some closer ones.
  • Walk all the way around Universal Studios is 2500 steps
  • Walk all the way around Islands of Adventure is 4000 steps.
  • From the parking garage to Universal Studios all the way around then to Islands of Adventure and back to the parking garage is 9800 steps, about as close as You can get to the goal of 10,000 steps.
  • If You only have a one park pass, You will need to make the cycle more than once and maybe add a second loop in City Walk. But do not worry if You do not get all 10,000 steps in because You most likely will put in some steps around Your hotel or as You visit other places on that day.

    10,000 steps is a hefty goal for most People so do not worry if You cannot reach it. The average Person in America is not getting 500 steps a day so certainly getting in a few thousand is something to be proud of.