John Morgan wins 4 million dollar push for medical marijuana vote in Florida

John Morgain devoted many hours work and millions of dollars on the marijuana cause
John Morgan wins 4 million dollar medical marijuana vote in Florida. Yes, 4 million dollars of His own money and some of the general public that supported the issue. The vote will officially go on the ballet, as decided by a Judge today. No matter what side of the issue You are on, You have to raise an eyebrow at the fact that John Morgan is this dedicated to the cause. Why is He? If You ask Republicans, the move is political but Morgan has a family reason that makes much more sense. The republicans think He is trying to help the political career of Charlie Christ, specifically His run for Governor. The republican party is against medical Marijuana all over the United States and the democrats typically are the only ones for it. Morgan has a history of being a huge donor for the democratic party including having Obama at His home for a multimillion dollar fundraiser. He is an easy target for republicans to say He has another agenda. But John Morgan has seen first hand His brother get relief from the daily pain He lives in in the form of marijuana. There is some fact behind the stance that medical marijuana use is far safer than prescription drug abuse. For many People that choice is just that, many different prescriptions or marijuana use. The best argument for medical marijuana to become legal is from those that have family members or loved ones that use it and get major relief that nothing else can provide. In a survey, those that are opposed to it did not know anyone that used it.