Lazy People on Scooters causing problems on Disney Transportation

scooters are killing disney
Electric Scooters have come a long long way and are a God Send to People that now can visit places like Disney and keep up with their group and see everything an able body Person can see. Let’s face it a lot People that were unable to walk or unable to walk more than 30 feet would rather stay at home than be pushed in a wheel chair. When electric scooters came out they were slow and hard to find. Now They are everywhere and Disney allows them on every part of their property, even scooters that were rented by non Disney Companies. I could see the problem coming 3000 miles away. Actually almost 3000 miles away in Las Vegas, when suddenly these scooters were being rented by able bodied People drinking and partying down the Las Vegas Strip weaving in and out of People as they raced for their next drink. I wondered how much longer until these scooters take over theme parks and scooters are running over People? The time is here, the scooters are being rented by more able bodied People than non able bodied People. Next time You go to Disney look around at the percentage of People that are using scooters because they are lazy vs People that need them. As fast as they go, they are fun to ride, just notice when the kids play on them at the hotels while their parents are drunk at the pool or in the lobby.
Inside the parks it has become a problem and will only get the attention of Disney when someone gets hurt and John Morgan gets a call and a lawsuit is filed. But the biggest problem is the strain it is putting on Disney transportation. Just watch the video below and see what I mean, the bus driver must leave the driver’s seat and put down a special ramp, then lock the scooter in place then put the ramp back up. Sounds like it shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes but that’s not the case. It takes so long that two other buses arrived and could not get in the loading zone because this bus didn’t get moving. No One minds waiting for Someone that needs special help but No One likes to sit and see Some lazy bum hold up the bus system so they can get their scooter on the bus. And not only that, the scooter take up three bus seats, seats that are often needed as buses become full.