SeaWorld Executives not harmed by Blackfish, but “SEAS” will be

seaworld concerts cancelled doesnt hurt seaworld execs
SeaWorld is now a public company, trading under the symbol SEAS. The money raised for that public offering lined the pockets of the higher ups at SeaWorld and made them set for life. The only reason to stay around is to play with “house money”. Blackfish isn’t going to harm the multimillionaires that were produced the day SeaWorld went public, the money is already in the bank but the public company known as SEAS could start to feel the hurt as the public hears the daily effects of the CNN Documentary, Blackfish. So just who is Blackfish going to hurt? The People that invested their hard earned money in this public offering and the everyday worker at Seaworld. As the park loses visitors the lowest level workers are always first to go, no need to have 5 People operating an attraction that can be done by one. The executives are always the last to go unless they get fired then the first thing the pubic company does is give them millions in severance pay, so they can sit at home and count their money. The hourly worker and part time management usually just get let go.

What was Blackfish’s intention? If They wanted to make SeaWorld change the way they treated their animals why did they wait until after the Public offering? They had all the video from years ago for the documentary and there was rumor about it coming out about a year before it did. So how is it that this made for television documentary didn’t come out until just a few months after SeaWorld went public? The power behind the “Blackfish” movie would have been far greater if it was dangled in the face of SeaWorld prior to the public offering and the fact that it wasn’t smells FISHY. The Executives in charge of SeaWorld prior to the public offering would have walked through fire if Blackfish producers asked them to. But now the money is in the bank and the worst that can happen to them is get more money to resign and vacation in the Bahamas for the rest of their lives. Now Blackfish is causing artist to cancel concerts at Bands, Brew and BBQ in record numbers but Who is that hurting? The opportunity to negotiate with SeaWorld on their treatment of animals passed the day SeaWorld went Public.

Who has cancelled concerts at SeaWorld?