Uber promo code, get a free ride with Uber

use code na4u4 to get 20 dollars off Your first Uber ride. 20 dollars will get You just about anywhere all over Orlando so this is a great code to use.
Download the Uber app, put in Your credit card or paypal information and when You are ready to make Your first trip, You will see a spot to click on to use the promo code. The good news is this doesn’t affect the driver at all, He/She still gets the same crappy money they always get, they do not need to know You are riding free.
Uber says no tipping is required but You really should tip, these People are not even making minimum wage in Orlando so have some cash ready for the end of Your trip.

already an Uber custommer? How about Lyft? Lyft is the other ride share company and You will not notice any difference in the service.