Aashirwad Indian Restaurant, International Drive, Orlando

Aashirwad Indian Restaurant
Address: International Shoppes, 5748 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

As an Uber driver, I learned more about Orlando restaurants than I would have otherwise and one restaurant that stands out for Me is Aashirwad Indian Restaurant. Aashirwad Indian Restaurant is on the corner of Kirkman and International Drive, it is walkable if You are staying in the 6000 or 5000 block of International drive but maybe not in the summer heat and Uber is so cheap it’s not really worth walking anyway. The restaurant’s address is International drive but You find that it faces Kirkman in a strip center full of misc retail and fast food shops.

If You check the Yelp reviews, You can see that this place gets very high marks and very happy customers. You can check the Restaurant Website for the selection of food that is served.

I got a call to pick up some Customer’s at Aashirwad in the summer of 2014 and didn’t think much of it, the People I picked up told me how fantastic it was but that was only one group of People so I didn’t put much weight in it. Then the next week I picked a couple up and brought them there, they said they researched it on Yelp and it was the closet Indian food to the International drive tourist area but that didn’t really mean it was anything special, right? Well, it just went on and on, how was I picking People up or dropping People off almost daily at this Indian Restaurant. I heard more and more from People from all over the world how great this place was. Add to that the great Yelp reviews, I think it is safe for Me get this Indian restaurant my full endorsement.