Are Theme park increases Fair? Disney and Universal increase them often.

Disney World recently jacked up their park tickets to 99 for Magic Kingdom and 94 for the other three, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Universal just raised theirs to 96 dollars for each, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.
To be fair somethings have increased at a more rapid rate and some about the same. In 1970 Disney offered admission for 20 dollars but all the rides were not included, only a book of assorted rides. The saying “that was an E ticket” actually came from the book that Disney gave You that included two E tickets, those were the best rides in the park. At that time You had to use an E ticket on space mountain, the haunted mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise and a couple others. If You wanted more then You had to buy a ride ticket separately for about 3 dollars.
So Disney is not even 5 times the price it was in 1970, Universal was not yet open.

What has happened to other prices since 1970:
Gas was .36 per gallon, in the cheapest places in America is is over 3.00 so gas has risen faster than Disney Prices.
Milk was 1.15 per gallon, Milk is a better value today than a Disney Ticket.
A medium income Family earned 8700.00 per year and five times that is about the same as today.
A postage Stamp cost .06 and today it cost .49, so the Post office is greedier than Disney.
The average house cost in 1970 was 26,000 and five times that amount is a little less than today’s average.
Eggs cost .62 per dozen and with the price around 3.00 now it is about the same.

If You want to compare other factors in case of Disney, They have invested far more than 5 times the amount even when converting to 2014 dollars than they did in 1970. So as painful as We think it is to pay 99 dollars for the Magic Kingdom, it is actually a good deal. And like Disney says, most People get the multi day pass which has not gone up.