Disney shows more of Mine Train, did Universal have anything to do with this?

If You are a Disney executive, wouldn’t You be a little put off with all the hype that the media gives to Universal’s Harry Potter? Not just the new Harry Potter Diagon Alley but anything Harry Potter. It seems like there is nothing Disney can do to keep pace with the excitement that Harry Potter creates, I personally do not get it, never read the books and don’t care much for the supernatural but many People do. While the media was drooling over the opening of Diagon Alley was Disney trying to figure out a way to get some attention by removing the back construction wall of the mine train? Normally that would get TV crews out but it didn’t. I just happened by it on Wednesday, February 12 to get these pictures.

[acx_slideshow name=”mine train walls come down”]

It looks as though the Mine Train will be a thunder mountain railroad type experience on steroids. The track is very similar and though the cars will be shaped different they will have a similar seating arrangement. The Mine train seems to have steeper drops and steeper turns, hopefully it is smoother.