.38 Special is band number eight to cancel SeaWorld Bands, Brews and BBQ concerts

more bands cancel seaworld bands brews and bbq concerts
.38 Special is band number eight to cancel The SeaWorld concert series that plays at Bands, Brews and BBQ. SeaWorld did not comment about this cancellation, it is getting so bad that how in the world can they make any comment. SeaWorld Execs should be in a locked room working 24 hours a day and stopping for bread and water until they can fix this problem.  Not much has been coming from the offices off International Drive in Orlando, either SeaWorld doesn’t care or they have a really good plan that should be announced very soon. The cancellations have all been because of the movie “Blackfish” but the pressure has come from social media by fans of the cancelled bands. Is Blackfish achieving what they intended to achieve? Has anything changed? Will SeaWorld meet with the leaders of these protest to see if they can compromise? This is nothing more than corporate blackmail in the age of social media. If You are on the side of SeaWorld or Blackfish, You have to admit this would not have been achieved if not for social media. Social media is attacking every band that was on the list that has now been taken off the SeaWorld website.

The only bands left from the original list that have not cancelled are Justin Moore and Scotty McCreery.

Others to cancel Seaworld concerts