Disney is offering Special rates for Florida Residents on tickets and rooms

florida resident specials at disney
Do not miss this opportunity to visit Disney at the best time of the year.

There is no guarantee that this will come up again but We are happy to say it is back again this year: If You are a Florida Resident and a Disney fan, You are in luck. Take advantage of the ticket prices or better yet, stay on Disney property and take advantage of both. Even if You are from Orlando, it’s nice to get out of the house and stay at a resort once in a while.

Special Ticket pricing for Florida residents for 3 day tickets
Special Ticket pricing for Florida residents for 4 day tickets

Florida Residents stay in Disney Resorts at Special Rates

The reason that Disney offers this to Florida residents at this time of year is obvious, it is the least crowded. But this is when the parks are the most fun, when it isn’t so crowded. During this time You can navigate the parks much easier and You can ride many rides in one day, even without using fastpass.