Universal Orlando annual passes for Florida Residents (and non residents)

annual passes for florida residents universal orlando
I used to buy the Universal Orlando annual passes for Florida Residents when I lived 7 hours away, that is how good a deal it was. But is still a great deal and now that I live 5 minutes away from Universal, I use it much more often. The price of admission has gone up every year now for a the last few and it will likely continue that trend even though I think when it gets closer to 100 dollars that might slow it down, that’s a big number for someone to pay. But the annual passes for Florida Residents is still the way to go if You plan to visit Universal more than 3 times in a whole year, in fact if You get the 245 dollar option that includes parking, You are already money ahead during the 3rd visit. The parking alone cost 16 dollars and that too is likely to go up so just two trips plus parking and You are almost at the annual pass price, You would have to be stupid not to do it. And now that they offer monthly payments it is really hard for anyone to justify not doing it that lives within a few hours of the parks.
Not a Florida Resident? It is just a little more for You and still a great deal

Universal annual passes are much less expensive than are Disney’s even though the single day tickets are the same.